Clothespin Study


Part of a graduate seminar, this project was an exercise in familiarizing onself with identity. Each student picked one object (as stated in the title, I chose a clothespin). 100 visual studies were conducted in order to understand the physical properties of the object. Included here are a sample of early marks I made with the clothespin.

The next step involved understanding the conceptual properties of the object. I became quite interested in the uses for a clothespin in a miniature world—how would a mouse make use of this (answer: an uncomfortable party hat, seen in slides)? How would a bug interact with this (answer: broken in two, the clothespin creates a great see-saw)?

Finally, I followed my instinct to create a world in which the clothespin was a central character. Make-It is a series of collectible figures, each a common household object, that is packaged with a booklet with instructions for role-playing gameplay, in which each character must work together to escape an evil corporate office.  Style is adhoc, analogue and whimsical for a fresh, sophisticated take on a child’s collectible and board game.